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hejemonster fully believes that the film, the bad news bears (original 1976 version) was actually about her. she proved this in 1978 when she was the only girl on a black and gold baseball team. after striking out, jerry nygren, three times in one game, hejemonster let him hit a triple so that he could keep his ego in tact. darn you sexism!

introducing hejemonster

hegemony do doo da-do-do hegmony do do da-do hegemony do doo da-do-do da-do-do da-do-do da-do-do do do do do do do do! (of course sung to the tune of me-nah-me-nah) in my vision of the world–hejemonsters uproot, expose, destabilize, and perhaps sing … Continue reading

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Queering Black History (cross post with

It is Black History Month…otherwise known as American History Month (reclaimed). For all of us white folks who ask the question, “why do [insert name of group here] get a month when we do not get a month?” I simply answer, … Continue reading

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Iron Eve

It is the eve of the Ironman and we have busily been trying to get all our gear in the right bag, placed in the right space, all while trying to predict the weather. I, for one, am a nervous … Continue reading

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“Speak Truth to Power”

First posted on blogspot on August 15, 2008 It is no secret that we have been living under a regime of fear and jingoistic propaganda the likes of which have not been witnessed since our good friends in Germany strayed … Continue reading

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Baristas Are Not Neutral

Have I mentioned that I totally *heart* baristas? Of course living in Seattle if I didn’t love them, I’d be reducing my community-love options by about 60%, so it is rather a necessity of life here. That said, I choose … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

I’m ready to be done now…thanks for playing. 5 weeks out…so close, yet 5 seemingly endless weeks away. I am dead-on-my-feet tired. I can’t concentrate. I’m edgy and cranky and grumpy…basically all the shades of irritated one can be and … Continue reading

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Seattle to Portland…merely a training ride: In three parts

Part I: The RideMeg and I rode (with our friend Meghan…see side bar) the STP in a day. This is a ride from Seattle to Portland and folks can do it in one day or two. We opted for the one-day … Continue reading

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